Writing an Essay

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Writing an Essay

I was just reading an article. I really didn’t like it. The writing was okay, but I don’t think it was effective. What that means is, to me, they didn’t really get across the idea that they wanted to. I kind of understood but it wasn’t great. Today, what I’m gonna show you is how to write effectively, to make sure when you finish writing, people understand what you’re saying. This kind of writing is great for university, high school, any kind of writing, even sales, in English. Alright, now let’s go to the board.

You need to ask a question. By asking a question, what it does is it gives you a clear picture in your head of what you wanna know. So, what’s better, blondes or brunettes? Sorry. Let me say this, what’s better, love or money? You’re asking a question. By asking a question, there has to be an answer. That would be our actually starting point, okay. So, we start effectively by asking a question that we want answered. Because what we’re thinking is, the reader wants the answer to this question, okay. So you’re thinking, what does my reader wants? Why are they asking the question? And when I answer that question, I can write about that for my reader. It helps us get very specific in our focus. It sort of like, focusing on our target, okay.

Let’s look at the answers. So the first part that you want to do is, number one, ask your questions. I see this larger. It might be hard for you to see, okay. So, let’s just write that out again. Number one, ask a question. Okay, that’s the first thing we do. We did that right there. Which is better love or money? What’s the answer to this question? Well, the answer to the question we have is a specific word in English, okay. When we figure out the answer what we’re thinking the answer to the question is, let me say that again a little slower, when we figure out what we think the answer is, we write that down. But it’s not just an answer, in English it becomes our Thesis. Our thesis is the thing we’re going to focus on. That’s why we ask the question.

Step number 2. Our Thesis is the answer to the question. Now, for anything about the thesis is, it has to be strong. You can’t say maybe, maybe yes, maybe no. That’s not a thesis. You call that weak. A thesis has to be strong. So, the person is very clear and you’re very clear and this is why it helps for effective writing because you know exactly what you wanna talk about. And your reader also knows exactly what you wanna talk about.

So, let’s put that up here. A thesis has to be strongly said, or another word for that is stated, okay. Take a look. So, we got two things, so far, question and thesis. Now, you’re gonna say, what are we gonna do with that. Well, now we can actually start our essay. This was just the first part. Its not actually essay, its to get you ready to write. So, lets write the essay, shall we. Now, by any good book or any good story, you need an introduction. I mean, you can say your thesis but, you know what, its better I give you an action. I’ll give you a little play. If you want you can figure out why you need an introduction, alright.

For the third step is introduction. And in an introduction, what we’re going to do is, we’re gonna add our thesis to some nice words to introduce it. So, this is plus thesis. Now the people really should be able to identify your thesis. Let me give you an example why is it important to have an introduction and not just use your thesis. You ready? I’m going to go to a bar, and I’m going to meet a girl, okay, one second…

Hi, my name is James, can I kiss you? (slap), (aw) That’s a bad introduction. That’s just trying to use gestures to your thesis to get people to read your paper. It doesn’t work very well, okay, so why don’t we do the next one.

Let’s try this introduction. Hi, I’m James, What’s your name? That’s a very pretty name. I’m from Canada, and I teach English. Would you like to learn more about English, and how I teach it? Oh, come with me, I’ll get you a drink. See, that worked, that’s a good introduction.

So, we need an introduction to go with the thesis or we put our thesis inside the introduction or we make it pleasant for people to want to read more, and make it interesting. So, this is the first three parts, now we have to do another two parts.

Now that would be number 4, the body. The body is very important. Because I tell you my thesis, that doesn’t make it true. It just means I believe its true. It’s like me saying to you, I’m a millionaire. First thing you going to say is prove it, show me the money. Guess what that movie is from. That’s where I’m lying from, its from a movie. Show me the money, you’re going to want proof. Now, this is one of the best ways to do proof. When we look at our thesis, now we’re talking a basic essay, not a huge one. What we do is to have three reasons that make that thesis true. Now, we’ll call those three reasons, the main reasons.

So when we do proof, we’re actually putting it in a special place called the body of the essay. And one of the things that we want in the body of the essay is a main reason. Now, you got your main reasons, but that doesn’t mean its true, what we need to do is to find other things that supports the main reason. We call this supporting ideas. Now, if you remember rightly when I said in the body we should have three to support the thesis, it is also a good idea to have at least three supporting ideas to make the main reason true. So the number 3 is very important here for us. We’re gonna have 3 main reasons, and 3 supporting ideas. If you’re doing the math, that’s about 9 different sentences or ideas we want in the paper.

Now, finally, we’ll come to our conclusion. How do we get to the conclusion, well, let’s look at it. We have a thesis, an idea, but we started with the question, we said, this is the true answer to the question, right? Then after that we said, okay, that true answer will be our thesis. We said our thesis, we hit it into the introduction, remember, I got the girl, remember that, now we have to prove it’s true because no one just believes things you say. We came up with three main ideas, we supported each main idea with three supporting ideas, now we come to the conclusion.

The conclusion is where we turn around and say, with all of these proof or evidence that we have, I can say this is true. We do as we go back to the three main ideas and we say, because this idea, this idea and this idea are true, my conclusion must be true. You become a lawyer, or a liar, that’s another lesson altogether. But we want to prove it. So, we do our conclusion.

And our conclusion is based on the proof here, alright. That’s it for our lesson. I hope that you have a good thesis and this is an effective essay for you. I hope I prove my case, and in conclusion, I think if you’ll follow these steps, you’ll become an effective writer in English. Listen, before I go, I have to do this really quickly, and if you look in the blue screen, it will give you the five points again, remember, question, thesis, body with main ideas, supporting ideas, and conclusion, that was quick I know.

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