Truths about buying essays online

Have you ever asked yourself some questions about technology? Do you know where it started? Are you predict it’s end? Generally, technology has brought forth good and bad things. Among the benefits is e-commerce. Buying essays online lies within this category. There are a number of striking facts that you should know about this kind of enterprise.

The first truth is that the venture has lasted for the over a century. Secondly, the business was initially known as ghost writing. Thirdly, the venture begun as essay banks, then graduated to essay mills. Fourth, essay mills hire graduates, students and other professionals.

Fifth, students who use essay banks are more likely to be caught for academic dishonesty, than those who hire writers. Sixth, there is no federal law against operating writing agencies. However, individual states have stipulated their own laws against it. Seven, truth, if proven guilty, an academic offender is punishable up to sixty days imprisonment.

Native writers earn two times better than oversea writers. The University of California, San Diego once caught 600 students cheating within a span of one year. Lastly, it is not ethically agreed that academic writing is bad.


Buying essay papers has its terms and conditions. So, if you have want to buy your essays online, then you have no option other than stick to these simple requirements.

Cancelation of an order cannot be accepted once the paper has been assigned and completed. In this case, support team judges in favor of the writer.

Refund requests are only be handled by support team. Refund will only be verified in two conditions: First, if the writer has not provided any feedback within the given time frame. Secondly, if the completed essay does not meet quality standards.

The company will not be responsible for overdue work if; the client fails to submit additional materials upon request, and/or the customer delays to make payments.

Clients should provide valid contacts for faster and easy communication. Additionally, orders with invalid contacts are automatically rejected.

Privacy policy states that there should be no disclosure of private and personal information to both writers and clients.

Revision deadlines are initiated within 24 hours upon request.


I know that everyone likes good things. Buying essays online has expectations too. However, as you expect to get a good essay for your money, a dispute can arise as you buy admission essay paper or before you buy a scholarship essay. The common disputes arise over deadlines, quality, use of abusive language in charts and additional requirements that are not part of the initial requirements. The best way to handle any dispute in any online platform is by contacting the managerial team. So, do not panic when this happens.


Buying essay papers can be technical and scary. This is especially if you are fresh in the online writing industry. To buy an essay nowadays, computer skills are required. Do you know why? Because most of the firms have gone digital. Familiarizing yourself with the particular site in advance makes placing your order easy.

Payment methods can also be a challenge to some people. Nevertheless, most agencies set their system in a way that makes payment self-leading. However, do not hesitate to contact support team if stuck in the process.