Cookie Policy

General details about cookies

Cookies are specific files, which are usually kept on the personal computer or any other devices with the internet access.
Any time you use your internet browser they store some information regarding your activity on the worldwide network.

We require such information files enhance various elements of our website and change it according to the needs you have.
They help improve the quality of your experience, for instance, let you stay in the system for as long as you may need or make the navigation more user-friendly.

Certainly, it’s totally your decision to allow cookies or not.
You can actually erase this kind of files if you do not want us to use, gather or send them.
But, with cookies being disabled, the correct work of all the features and functions cannot be 100% guaranteed.

Types of cookies

We’ve got the session and permanent kinds of cookies used. Session cookies exist only while your internet browser is used.
Session ones are kept if only your internet browser works, and their main job is checking your previous Web activities.
Persistent (they also might be referred to as permanent) cookies are kept even after the internet browser is not active.

Cookies’ functions

The order form on our site won’t function properly without using the cookies.
You will not have the ability to place an order having them turned off.

Furthermore, we require them if:

  • there’s a necessity to track the process of an order
  • you need to be logged in for a particular interval
  • we need to monitor the usage of our plagiarism checking service
  • our customers need support (we use the live chat to for this purpose)
  • there is a need to monitor visitors’ activity via Google Analytics

How do you work with cookies?

If you either disable or erase cookies, there exists a good chance that we won’t be able to guarantee the full accessibility of all the website’s features.
Nevertheless, in case you actually want to disable or erase them, it is possible to do it via your browser options.
You have to locate the help section in your internet browser menu which can give you all the basic steps you must do.

Are there any third parties involved?

Cookies are also used if customers pay for our services.
We offer complete online privacy of your personal info and do not share this data with the third parties that have nothing to do with our work