Buyng college papers

In today’s era, everything seems to be about technology, more for less, quick turnaround.

The youths want instant gratification. Fortunately, I can tell you that I have seen and worked in the concept of more for less. This seems to be the nature of today’s society. To put it straight, these are the results of globalization. Content writing services have not lagged behind. They have also transited from providing content articles to academic writing. Many companies have integrated this new service in their list of deliverables. New agencies that only deal with academic papers have also emerged, adding to the existing number. So, if you are looking for an online writing service, you are so lucky. This article will engage you on a number of topics. Do not leave, keep reading.


Welcome back to the second section of our lesson. A question awaits you. Are you torn between buying college essays and not buying essays online at all? Do you know the history of buying college term papers? Then here is the history, already prepared for you. Your work is only to read.

The history of buying and selling college academic papers dates back in the nineteenth century. This is the period when paper reservoirs were first discovered in the basements of fraternity houses. The fraternity files (also called essay banks) was a practice in which students exchange previous works and submitted it for grading. This inspired commercialization of ghost essay writing practices.

By 1950s, ghost writing advertisements were circulating colleges and universities. By this time, the business has grown to include term papers, dissertations and theses. The practice was further propelled by the change in students attitude from 1960s to 70s. Students no longer focused on course work because more emphasis was placed on community involvement. The story does not end here. Stay focused for more the next sections.


At our writing custom, we’re not only cheap but also quality oriented. The essays we write are plagiarism free and unique. You don’t have to come physically to our writing service office location. Besides college term papers and essay analysis papers, you can buy college essays too. Back to our story. Since 1970s to this day, hundreds of online writing services have emerged. Offering custom written papers for students in exchange for money. As we talk, buying college essays online is the order of the day, with universities and law enforcement agencies watching helplessly.


Buying of college papers is an academic fraud that is punishable by law. Essay writing companies have been criticized by the academic community for assisting students commit academic fraud. In return,

Essay mills have defended themselves by saying that they only provide students with guideline to writing their papers. Students who have been caught have claimed that they do not prefer their college papers done by experts. They instead prefer writing their essays by themselves, but may seek help from experts when necessary. Although writing agencies brand themselves as publishing houses, the best custom essays help students ace their GPA. To this day, academic writing remains ethically questionable;